Here at Community, we trust you'll be able to catch a glimpse of who we are, what we believe, what we accomplish, and Who we seek to honor. We understand that families need to be fortified, faith needs to be fed, and friendships need to be formed, so we are a Bible-believing, Bible-teaching church that communicates faithfully the wonderful truths of God's Word each and every week.  

Our families are fortified by learning the fundamentals of Scripture. Our faith is fed with the preaching of God's Word, and friendships are formed as Christians fellowship together serving Christ.

We pride ourselves in being a church where the Lord moves in our midst. We are proud to be a friendly, loving church, where anyone is welcome, and no need is too great or too small that prayer is not the answer.

Let Community encourage you to join us for a service and discover for yourself the moving of the spirit, and the feeling of "home" that is found in the midst of God´s people.

 May God Bless & Keep You,
Community Free Will Baptist Church